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What if the world’s biggest customer went green? The U.S. government wants to find out (published March 23, 2021)

Saturday, 5 December 2015: UNEP Side-event on Reducing GHG emissions through Sustainable Public Procurement (flyer; press release; report; Seoul Declaration)

Building a new climate regime in a global economy:
Marc Steiner on the WTO Government Procurement Agreement and Green Public Procurement

6th December 2019, Madrid:
Climate Law and Governance Day 2019 / COP 25
Eventposter (PDF)
Programme (PDF)
Presentation Marc Steiner (PDF)
Conference report (Link)
WTO ECampus (2018): Marc Steiner on the Revised GPA and Sustainable Public Procurement

WTO Government Procurement Agree­ment Symposium 2010
Pascal Lamy notes rising interest in WTO government procurement agreement (including the importance of environmental issues)

WTO Government Procurement Agree­ment Symposium 2015
Presentation Marc Steiner on Sustainable Public Procurement (PDF;  cf. publications Marc Steiner "The WTO Government Procurement Agreement: Assessing the scope for green procurement" and Nicholas Niggli on the revised Government Procurement Agreement)

WTO Symposium on Sustainable Procurement 2017
Presentation Marc Steiner on SPP, best value for money and international trade obligations: the GPA as a model agreement and Report by the Secretariat

27th November 2019: Role of trade in promoting circular economy highlighted at WTO Environment Week

The Revised GPA - More Scope for Green Public Procurement? (Presentation) (Podcast)

The Revised GPA - More Scope for Green Public Procurement? (Presentation)

April 2015: WTO and UNEP enhance dialogue on trade and environmental issues
Roberto Azevedo: 2015 a pivotal year for trade and the environment

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable comsumption and production patterns
Goal 8: Promote [...] decent work for all
January 15th, 2014/European Parliament: New EU-procurement rules to ensure better quality and value for money  (PDF)  - a step forward for green and social public procurement

Homepage on Green
Public Procurement

European Community:
Green ProcA

What is Green Public Procurement (GPP)? (PDF-file; cf. EU GPP News Alert)

(European Commission: Handbook as PDF)

Sustainable Procurement - (Swiss) Recommendations for the federal procurement offices, November 2010

The Federal Constitution of 18 April 1999 makes sustainable development a long-term objective of the national policy: more...

Download Recommendations
(PDF 2.8 MB)

(PDF 4.4 MB)

UNEP, Launch of International Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative - Press Conference, Rio+20 (2012)

UNEP - Sustainable Public Procurement: Briefing Note (2012)

Buying for a Better World: A Guide on Sustainable Procurement for the UN System

UNEP 2012: The Impacts of Sustainable Public Procurement

Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative SPPI
(UNEP on Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative)
(Presentation Farid Yaker, UNEP, September 2013)

Sustainable Public Procurement: A Global Review, Final Report (UNEP), December 2013

10YFP Sustainable Public Procurement
(The 10YFP Programme on Sustainable Public Procurement, brochure [PDF, June 2015])
(The 10YFP Programme on Sustainable Public Procurement, vision document [PDF, June 2015])
(Presentation Farid Yaker, UNEP, September 2014)

Sustainable Public Procurement Implementation Guidelines, UNEP 2012:
Marc Steiner from the Swiss Federal Administrative Court revised the legal part of the guidelines ("Legal Review").

UNEP/10YFP: Monitoring Sustainable Public Procurement Implementation 2016 (PDF)

10YFP Sustainable Public Procurement programme (PDF)

Green Public Procurement Programme of the Basque Country 2020